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On March 25, the National Public Security Forces responsible for responding to the violent attack in Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil announced. That 187 suspects arrested and 43 guns, 148 explosive devices, and weapons used for arson seized. 33 gallons of fuel, plus ammo and drugs.

The police said that the violent attacks in several places in northeastern Brazil. That began on the 14th were organize by a gang. In the prison of Alcasus in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Dissatisfied with the prison treatment, the inmates tried to issue instructions to their accomplices outside the prison to carry out violent attacks in many places in the state.

In the early morning of March 24, a bus belonging to the municipal government of Palazzinho, Rio Grande do Norte was burned. The bus was park in the garage at the time of the incident. The police believe that it was organize by a criminal gang in the prison. Arson. As of now, more than 300 violent attacks have occurred in Rio Grande do Norte.

At present, the Brazilian federal government has sent 300 reinforcements to the state. In addition, the states of Ceará and Paraiba, which are also in the northeast of the country. And the state of Para in the north have announced. That they will send military police to Rio Grande do Norte. To help maintain order and strengthen security.

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