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More than 500 people attended the ‘Open Iftar’ event at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
According to Arab News, on Friday, a charity called ‘Ramadan Tent Project’ organized an ‘Open Iftar’ program for fasting people at the Victoria Museum.

In a statement issued by the institution, it is said that this year’s Ramadan is the 10th successful year of the ‘Ramadan Tent Project’ and its ‘Open Iftar Program’.
“Over the past nine years, our iftars, which have been held on a stretch of green belt, have evolved so much that they are now held at historical sites.”
According to the organization, such Iftar events will be held this year at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Wembley Stadium, Chelsea’s Stanford Bridge Stadium and the Royal Albert Hall.

“In the last decade we have contacted and gathered more than five lakh people from different backgrounds.”
Since 2013, the ‘Ramadan Tent Project’ has hosted more than five million people across the UK at various cultural venues across the country, including Trafalgar Square, the Baltic Museum and Bradford’s Centenary Square.

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