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Saudi Arabia has condemned the desecration of a copy of the Holy Quran and the burning of the Turkish flag by Islamophobic extremists in Denmark on Friday.
According to Arab News, including the Kingdom of Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar have raised their voice against the actions of the extremists, saying that these actions have fueled hatred against Muslims in particular.
Supporters of the far-right anti-Muslim organization Patriot Gar Live carried banners with Islamophobic messages. He desecrated a copy of the Quran and set fire to the Turkish flag in front of the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen, which was broadcast on Facebook.

According to the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the incident, calling it a “hate crime”.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey has said that it will never accept such reprehensible actions under the guise of freedom of expression.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on the Danish authorities to take action against those responsible and ensure that there are no further incidents that threaten social harmony and peaceful coexistence. Jordanian spokesman Sinan Majali, spokesman for Jordan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Migration, said the move fueled hatred and racism.
Sanan Majali said in a statement that “desecration of the Holy Quran is a serious hateful act and a manifestation of Islamophobia that incites violence and insults to other religions and cannot be considered as freedom of expression.”
The statement urged the Danish authorities to prevent the recurrence of actions that “incite violence and hatred and threaten peaceful coexistence.”
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait has also warned in a statement that there will be a strong reaction from Muslims around the world on the desecration of the Holy Quran.
The ministry has demanded that the culprits should be held accountable and ensure that “freedom of expression is not used to insult Islam or any other religion.”
Qatar has condemned the incident in the strongest possible terms, warning that the recent incident marks a “dangerous increase” in incidents targeting Muslims.
Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that desecrating the Holy Quran under the guise of freedom of expression is a threat to the values of peaceful coexistence and shows double standards.
The ministry reiterated its commitment that Qatar rejects all forms of hate speech based on creed, race or religion.

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