The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans to install nuclear weapons in Belarus as dangerous.
According to the Reuters news agency, NATO spokesperson Oana Langescu called the Russian president’s statement dangerous and irresponsible.
It should be noted that President Vladimir Putin on Saturday announced the installation of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, assuring that Russia would not violate its nuclear non-proliferation commitments.

President Putin compared his decision to the installation of American weapons in Europe, saying that Russia will not transfer control of nuclear weapons to Belarus.
A NATO spokesman says that while monitoring the situation closely, there has been no change in Russia’s attitude toward nuclear weapons that would prompt NATO to adjust itself.
He termed President Putin’s nuclear non-proliferation commitments and the statements of American weapons installation in foreign countries as unnecessary, saying that NATO allied countries abide by international commitments.
He said that Russia’s reference to NATO nuclear cooperation is completely misleading. Russia has consistently broken arms control commitments.
On the other hand, Ukraine’s security chief Oleksiy Danilov says that Russia has already taken Belarus “hostage” and the latest plan will destabilize the European country.
EU policy chief Joseph Borrell has called on Belarus not to allow the deployment of weapons and has threatened to impose further economic sanctions.
Last year, Belarus allowed Russia to use its borders to attack Ukraine. Belarus and Russia have close military ties.

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