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There has been a shooting incident in a school in the American state of Tennessee, in which a 28-year-old man has shot and killed six people, including children.
According to the Reuters news agency, an armed man entered the building of a private school in the capital of Nashville, Tennessee on Monday morning with two assault rifles and a 9 mm pistol.
Three school staff including three children have been killed in the firing incident.

The accused, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, is from Nashville and attended the same school.
Police Chief John Drake says the suspect had detailed maps of the school building and left a manifesto that is being reviewed.

The police chief has identified the accused as a transgender, but did not provide further details.
In a video released by police, the attacker can be seen entering the school building with a semi-automatic rifle and roaming the halls.
According to the police, the accused has no previous criminal record and the motive behind the incident is under investigation.
The Metropolitan Police Department began receiving calls at 10:13 a.m. Monday, police spokesman Don Erin said.

According to the spokesman, two officers from the team of five police officers shot and killed the accused in the lobby of the school.
President Joe Biden, responding to the incident, urged Congress that tough gun control reforms are needed.

President Biden said more must be done to prevent gun violence, which is destroying American communities.

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