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In the month of Ramadan, it is generally seen that the traders increase the prices in the cycle of profiteering, but there are also some shopkeepers whose first priority is to benefit the citizens even if it is their own loss.
Trader Jackie Kumar has similar preferences, selling men’s and women’s clothes at a 50 percent discount, especially during the month of Ramadan.
Jackie Kumar, who belongs to the Hindu community, belongs to Butgram district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Jackie Kumar told Urdu News that due to inflation, the purchasing power of people has decreased, earlier many people used to come for shopping but now they go back after asking the price.
“Then I realized that white-clad people are not able to shop for Eid, that’s why I have given this discount for Ramadan.”
Jackie Kumar said that giving a 50% discount meant that they had to suffer a loss and instead pay money from their own pockets, but they were happy to do so.
“11 months of the year earn profit, if you give benefit to others in this one month, it is not a big deal.”
According to businessman Jackie Kumar, he is selling a suit of Rs. 1400 for Rs. 700 and the quality of the cloth is also standard, whereas nowadays a suit is not found in the market for less than Rs. 1000.
I am happy that people are taking full advantage of this offer and so far 5000 suits have been sold in two days.

According to Jackie Kumar, the offer has been made due to low purchasing power of the people
According to Jackie Kumar, the offer has been made due to low purchasing power of the people

The shopkeeper said that after hearing about the discount, residents of far-flung areas are also shopping from him and he will maintain this offer till the end of Ramadan.
People who could not afford to buy clothes for their children and family are now shopping. I have succeeded in achieving my goal.
Customers flock to Ramcloth to take advantage of the Hindu merchant’s special offer.
Nasrullah Khan, a local citizen, expressed his views and said, “Who gives a suit of 700 rupees in this era of inflation?” We were very happy when we found out about this offer and made the purchase.
Local citizens say that despite belonging to a minority community, Jackie Kumar is giving such a big concession to Muslims.

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