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Two Army Black Hawk helicopters have crashed in the US state of Kentucky, killing nine soldiers.
According to the American news agency Associated Press, Nandice Thurman, a spokesman for the army, says, “The helicopters went down at night during a routine training flight.”
According to a Fort Campbell spokesman, two HH-60 Blackhawks helicopters went down around 10 p.m. Both helicopters were part of the 101st Airborne Division.

The spokesperson further said that the crash is being investigated, but at the moment, the focus is on the soldiers and their families who were victims of the accident.
Earlier, the governor of Kentucky, Andy Bescher, said that there is a possibility of casualties in the helicopter crash.
Kentucky State Police spokeswoman Sarah Burgess said the helicopters crashed in a field with trees.
Fort Campbell is located near the border with the state of Tennessee.
Nick Thomas Zewski, who lives near the crash site, told the AP that he saw the two helicopters flying over the house moments before the crash.
“I was sitting outside with my wife for some reason when I saw the helicopters and said, these helicopters are flying very low and very close together.”
He further said that ‘the helicopters passed overhead and turned back and after a few moments I saw firecrackers being released in the air.’
He said that such flights are common in the area during training exercises and the helicopters also fly very low but do not fly so close to each other.

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