Jeddah railway station

The Haramain Express train management has said that a special discount has been given in the parking fee of the Al Sulaimaniyah station in Jeddah during the month of Ramadan.
According to Akaz newspaper, the administration says that one Riyal fee per hour has been set for the parking of vehicles.

The administration pointed out that those going to Makkah for Umrah are facing difficulties in parking their vehicles outside the city. By parking vehicles at Al Sulaimaniyah station in Jeddah, their journey will be completed faster.
The administration pointed out that those who will park their vehicles in the parking lot of Al Sulaimaniya railway station will be charged a fee of one riyal per hour for the first five hours. Earlier, the hourly fee was ten riyals.
It should be noted that for the convenience of Umrah pilgrims, 84 trains are being run daily from Jeddah to Makkah and from there to Jeddah. In the last decade of Ramadan, the number of trains will be increased from 84 to more than a hundred.

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