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Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lotte Tshering says that the Chinese authorities must also play an equal role to resolve the Doklam dispute between China and India.
In an interview given to a Belgian newspaper, Prime Minister Lotte Schering said that it is not only Bhutan’s responsibility to find a solution to this problem. We are three and none of us is a small or big country, but we are all equal.

According to the Indian channel ‘NDTV’, the statement of the Bhutanese Prime Minister may strain the diplomatic relations between India and Bhutan as the New Delhi government is against any kind of presence of China in Doklam as it is an area which It connects the northeastern states of India with the rest of the country.
The Prime Minister of Bhutan further said that we are ready (for talks). As soon as the other two sides (India and China) are ready, we will discuss it.
He says, “This is a sign that Bhutan wants a solution to the Doklam dispute between India and China, which is the root of this whole problem.”
It may be recalled that in 2017, there were clashes between Indian and Chinese forces in Doklam due to China’s construction of a road in the disputed area, which was opposed by India.

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