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Police officers in the US state of Florida have ‘captured’ a crocodile patrolling the road.
According to the AP news agency, police officers were called to the city of Tampa, Florida on Thursday that an alligator had come out in the commercial area of the city, causing fear.

Police officials say that this crocodile is 9 feet long and more than 12 policemen came to catch it.
After several attempts, a policeman managed to put a rope in the jaws of the crocodile.
Before controlling the crocodile, police officers put a towel over its eyes and then tied its jaw with rope and tape.
Phil Walters, a member of the Florida Wildlife Service, said the alligator was captured by police before they arrived and was impressed with the police work.
He said that the police have ‘done a good job’.
In February, a 10-foot alligator attacked an 85-year-old woman while she was walking in Florida.
Last year, a 12-foot crocodile entered a residential building in Florida and wildlife conservation officials were called to evacuate it.

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