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Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, returned to the Vatican on Saturday after being discharged from the hospital.
According to the British news agency Reuters, Pope Francis, who was in poor health due to inflammation of the lungs, said after the treatment, “I was not afraid.” I am still alive.’

According to the 86-year-old Pope’s medical team, he was taken to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on Wednesday, where he was immediately given antibiotics after he was having trouble breathing.
The media was kept away from the Pope in 2021 when he left the hospital after his colon surgery.
This time, however, to show the world that he has fully recovered, Pope Francis got out of his car on his way out, wished well-wishers and spoke to waiting journalists.
They hugged and prayed with a couple whose daughter died in hospital overnight, and signed a plaster cast for a young boy with a broken arm.

He also waved from the window of his car on his way back to the Vatican.
Francis, who celebrated 10 years as pope in March, has been plagued by several illnesses in recent years.

Pope Francis
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