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After the Russian invasion, 262 athletes were killed and 363 sports fields were destroyed in Ukraine.
According to Reuters, during a meeting with the International Federation of Gymnastics on Saturday, Ukrainian Sports Minister Vydym Gutsyt said that no athlete from Russia should be allowed to participate in the Olympics or other sports events.
“They all support this war and participate in events organized in support of this war,” he added.

The International Olympic Committee has recommended the gradual participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in international competitions, but has asked them to remain neutral.
The International Olympic Committee has not decided on his participation in the Paris Olympics in 2024.
Ukraine said on Friday that at the 2024 Games, its athletes will not be allowed to compete with Russian athletes in qualifying events.
The International Olympic Committee has criticized this decision of Ukraine.
Reuters could not independently confirm the number of dead athletes and destroyed sports fields.
After the Russian invasion in February 2022, several athletes volunteered to take up arms to defend the country.
Among the dead athletes were skater Dmitri Sharper in action against the Russian army in Bakhmut and decathlon athlete Vladimir Idoshcharik was killed while defending the country.

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