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There are more than 1,000 Afghan nationals stranded in Pakistan who are eligible to travel to the UK.
According to the report of the newspaper The Independent, most of the Afghan nationals trapped in Pakistan are those who worked with the British forces in Afghanistan.
The report said that these Afghan families got stuck in Pakistan when many Afghans were taken away by British Royal Air Force flights but those left behind crossed the border into the neighboring country.

In August 2021, the Taliban took control of Kabul and during this time, thousands of Afghan families went to the airport to leave the country, but many could not go abroad due to non-availability of flights.
Of the thousands of Afghan nationals coming to Pakistan, there are 1,000 who have documents to work with the British Army, but the Home Office in London is taking time to decide on their asylum applications.
According to the report, these Afghan nationals may have to wait another year to go to the UK.

Afghan nationals awaiting processing of their applications for asylum in the UK are facing various difficulties in Pakistan. Due to residence in Pakistan on transit visa, their children have no means of education and income and there are legal restrictions for this, due to which their rights are also limited.
According to the report, the Afghan nationals who are stuck in Pakistan while waiting to go to the UK include former interpreters, medics and embassy employees. At least 500 children are also with them.

At least 4,600 Afghan citizens who are eligible to go to the UK are currently waiting to go to London in their own country.
Meanwhile, the British government faced criticism after an Afghan pilot was warned of deportation to Rwanda if his documents were not completed. The pilot had worked with British forces in Afghanistan.

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