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In Saudi Arabia, the police have arrested five citizens and a resident foreigner involved in looting in Riyadh and Al-Jawf Commissionerate Tabarjal.
According to newspaper 24, the Riyadh police detained three Saudi citizens and a resident foreigner who were committing robbery with a stolen car.

Riyadh police say that the resident foreigner belongs to Chad. The accused were stealing vehicles and using them for looting.
The statement said that 14 stolen cars have been recovered from the possession of the accused. After legal proceedings, it was handed over to public prosecution.
Apart from this, the Al-Jouf police have detained 2 local citizens for trying to rob 2 workers of a charity organization.

The police say that the local citizens tried to rob two employees of a charitable organization of Tabarjal Commissionerate. Both were handed over to public prosecution after legal action.

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