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In the unfortunate incident that happened in January this year in the city of Richmond, American state of Virginia, the teacher who was injured by a bullet by her six-year-old student has sued for damages of 40 million dollars.

According to the American news agency Associated Press, 25-year-old Abby Zwirner was a teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News who was shot in the hand and chest in the classroom on January 6, after which she remained in the hospital for two weeks where her four The operation was done.

Abby Zwirner sued school officials Monday for $40 million in damages, alleging they were warned multiple times on the day of the shooting that the child had a gun and was in a “violent mood.”

The incident shocked the entire country, including the military shipbuilding community, and made one wonder how a child at such a young age could have a gun and shoot his teacher.
The teacher’s lawsuit seeking damages includes the Newport News school board and several district officials, including former superintendent George Parker III.

No one, including the child, involved in the incident has been charged, while the superintendent was fired by the school board and the assistant principal resigned.
The board has agreed to install metal detectors in every school in the district after the incident.

“All respondents knew that the child had a history of violence when he pulled a noose around his teacher’s neck in a kindergarten class a year ago,” said the attorney for teacher Abby Ziverner in the lawsuit.

“All respondents knew that Joon-do had committed such attacks on fellow students and teachers and intended to injure anyone who came his way, whether inside or outside the school,” the lawsuit states. It was not only limited to the teachers in the school.

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