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British Home Secretary Suella Braverman came under fire for a statement she made regarding Pakistani men in which she said that groups of British Pakistani men were involved in the sexual exploitation of white girls.

In an interview given to ‘Sky News’ on Saturday, Savilla Braverman said, ‘We have seen a practice where vulnerable white English girls who are sometimes in welfare centers or who are sometimes in difficult situations are being given to British Pakistanis. Drugged, raped and harmed by gangs of men.’

The British Home Secretary made the statement in an interview when he was invited to discuss plans to tackle child sexual exploitation.
He also said that the ‘cultural values of Pakistani men living in the UK are at odds with British values’.
This statement of the British Home Secretary is being described as an attempt to start a ‘race war’ in the UK on social media.

During the interview, the host reminded Savilla Braverman that a 2020 British Home Office report said gangs involved in child sexual exploitation were white males under the age of 30. The British Home Secretary, citing other reports, rejected the host’s statement and said that ‘British Pakistani men view women in a derogatory, illegitimate manner and view our (women) behavior in a derogatory and illegitimate manner. .’

It should be noted that the British government is soon going to introduce new laws to prevent sexual exploitation of children and the British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak has also said that there will be a crackdown against those involved in it.
In one of his tweets, journalist and anchorperson Mehdi Hasan called Soyla Braverman “the most dangerous politician to appear in decades” of the Conservative Party.

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