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Overseas Network, April 4th According to a report by the US “Capitol Hill” on the 3rd, a New York judge is considering whether to issue a “gag order” to former US President Trump and other people involved in the case to limit them. Speeches in criminal cases.

According to reports, Trump had previously posted on his social media platform “Real Social” accusing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the judge in charge of the case, Juan Merkan, saying that Merkan was a “Trump hater.” Judge”. Before he set off for New York to appear for the trial, he also issued a document saying that the case against him was “political persecution” and “our once great country will go to hell!”

The article quoted legal experts as saying that Trump’s online remarks have increased the possibility of being issued a “gag order” by a judge. The “gag order” will prevent Trump and his lawyers from talking publicly about the case outside of court proceedings, so as not to affect public opinion and the judgment of the jury. Recently, the Trump team has been trying to use the case to gain political support in the presidential campaign.
Trump has announced that he will deliver a speech at Mar-a-Lago after returning to Florida after his hearing. However, if a judge issues a “gag order” against him, it could cast doubt on what was contained in the speech.

According to reports, Trump’s legal and campaign teams are preparing for a possible “gag order” and will oppose it on the grounds that the “gag order” violates Trump’s rights.

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