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An Iraqi lawyer, Alina Haba, appears to be at the fore in defense of former US President Donald Trump, who is in legal trouble.
According to Arab News, Alina Haba is a managing partner at Haba Madayo, a New York law firm, and her husband, Matthew Ait, is also a lawyer who runs his own law firm.
Alina Habba’s Christian parents were forced to leave Iraq in the early 1980s due to religious persecution, after which Alina Habba and her two siblings were born in the state of New Jersey.

Last week, a Manhattan grand jury indicted the former president on 30 felony charges, including paying porn star Stormy Daniels to remain silent. Donald Trump is the first US president to be impeached.
During Donald Trump’s legal battle, 39-year-old Elena Haba has openly supported the former president.
When Alina Habba was asked if she thought Trump could get justice in New York, the Iraqi lawyer answered in the negative, saying, “I think it’s very difficult, but I would like to trust the state.” . For the past few years I have been his lawyer and have been going to court in New York, and I can say that the experience is completely different from representing someone else.
Due to her legal skills, Alina Haba has been fighting various types of cases including commercial estate, family law, construction and other fields.
In September 2021, Elena Haba represented Donald Trump in a $100 million lawsuit filed against him by Mary Trump, the former president’s niece.

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