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A ‘tick virus’ spread by an insect in several countries around the world has also been revealed in the UK and authorities have advised climbers and mountain bikers to take precautions.

According to the British newspaper “Guardian”, the orders regarding taking precautionary measures in the UK have been issued after a case of tick virus was revealed in Yorkshire.
‘Tick’ actually refers to a spider-like insect which is called ‘Chichidi’ in Urdu. This worm uses the blood of animals and humans as food.

What are the symptoms of tick virus?

According to the World Health Organization, colds and flu are one of the symptoms of the tick virus and this virus affects the human nervous system.
Tick virus is a rare disease that causes swelling of the brain and can be fatal without immediate medical attention.

The tick virus is found in many countries in Europe but health experts are still unsure how it entered the UK. According to the Guardian, experts have expressed concern that the virus may have entered Britain through birds from Scandinavian countries.

A person infected with the virus in Yorkshire has fully recovered. According to reports, the man was bitten by a cricket in Yorkshire, after which he suffered from body aches and fever for five days.
According to the British newspaper, the infected person initially recovered after treatment, but then a week later, he felt a headache and after getting tested, it was revealed that he had contracted the tick virus.

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How can this pest be avoided?

British health officials say that citizens should avoid walking or cycling on green and non-traditional paths because these spider-like insects are found in such places. Officials have advised citizens to wear light-colored clothing as the insect can be easily spotted on light-colored clothing.

To avoid this insect, make it a habit to wash your clothes several times a day and especially keep an eye on children and pets so that the insect called Chichidi cannot enter your home.
If you are bitten by an insect, immediately remove it from your skin and wash the part of your body where the insect has bitten with an antiseptic solution.

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