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In the Indian capital, New Delhi, the police have arrested three people on the charge of robbing hundreds of people of jobs abroad.

According to ‘Times of India’, the police say that Sohail Najam, Afroz Alam, and Parvez Alam promised to give jobs to more than 100 people in Turkey and Ethiopia.
The police said that the arrested persons had formed a company called ‘AR Enterprises’ and advertised foreign jobs on social media and fake websites, which did not actually exist.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajesh Dev said that the accused told the police that they had posted fake details of jobs in Turkey and Ethiopia on various websites and had also sent job letters to job aspirants through WhatsApp.

The police further said that the accused were also keeping the passports of job aspirants. The Deputy Commissioner of Police further said that six mobile phones, two laptops, 68 Indian passports, fake employment letters from Chinese companies, and fake air tickets from Turkey and Ethiopia have also been recovered from the possession of the accused.

The case of duping people into fake jobs came to light when a man named Dilawar Singh approached the police to file a complaint and said that ‘AR Enterprises’ had taken Rs 1 lakh from him.
According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, the bank accounts of the accused have also been frozen, in which there were 50 to 60 lakh rupees.

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