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Overseas Network, April 10 According to Reuters, on the 9th, an illegal immigrant ship carrying about 400 people was in distress in the Mediterranean waters. The hull was flooded and slowly sinking. Just earlier, two migrant boats sank in nearby waters.

Alarm Phone, a migrant boat charity, tweeted that it had received panic calls from the boat and several needed medical attention. The ship has no fuel, no one can drive, and the lower deck is full of water. The governments of Libya and Malta have been notified, and rescue operations have not yet begun.

According to reports, the number of illegal migrant boats crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa is increasing dramatically. On the evening of the 7, local time, an illegal immigrant boat sank in the Tunisian waters while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea from the port of Sfax in Tunisia to Italy. About 20 people were missing. On the morning of the 8th, another shipwreck occurred in Tunisia, 3 people were missing and 4 people were killed.

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