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The Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Algeria, Fayez Abu Eita, expressed his pride in Algeria’s courageous stance towards Palestine, saying, “The Algerian president did not leave the Palestinian people, supported their steadfastness, and stood as an impenetrable barrier to the process of normalisation that the Zionist entity and the United States of America are trying to impose on the Arab and Islamic nation.”

In a telephone interview with Algeria Radio International, the Palestinian ambassador said that the despicable and criminal violations committed by the Zionist occupation in the courtyard of Al-Aqsa Mosque at dawn yesterday and in the past days during Tarawih prayers are repeated attempts aimed at discouraging the Palestinians from being in Jerusalem, where the Zionist entity does not want to see Jerusalem full of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic figures who want to confirm that Jerusalem is indeed Arab and Islamic.

Fayez Abu Eita was surprised by the absence of the international community, which remains idly by, adding that the Palestinian people have not and will not give up their sacrifices for the sake of Jerusalem and will continue to defend it and confront the occupation and will respond at the appropriate time and place to confront the scheme of the Zionist entity that wants to control Al-Aqsa Mosque and divide it temporally and spatially.

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Algeria revealed that the battle continues in all of Palestine, not only in Jerusalem, and that the Zionist occupation uses all kinds of weapons to eliminate the Palestinian people.

The spokesman explained that the Palestinian issue revealed the mask and the true face of the international community in its dealings and positions on the issues taking place in the world, and that the American states are the exclusive sponsors of the Zionist occupation in Palestine.

Fayez Abu Eita called on Arabs and Muslims to stand with the Palestinian people and strengthen their steadfastness against the criminal occupation, which does not differentiate in its crimes between children, between women and men, or between the old and the young.

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