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An unknown person has attacked the imam after Fajr prayer in a mosque in the American state of New Jersey.
According to the American channel CNN, the imam of the mosque, Syed al-Naqeeb, was injured in a knife attack. In the Umar mosque in Paterson, New Jersey, but his condition is out of danger.

The spokesman of the mosque, Abdul Hamdan, has said that the attacker was praying. And suddenly stabbed the imam of the mosque at least twice.

He said that after the incident, the suspect was trying to run away from the mosque, but the worshipers managed to catch him and handed him over to the police.
The spokesman of the mosque, Abdul Hamdan, says that there were more than 200 worshipers at the time of Fajr prayer.

He said it was an ‘individual act’ and assured worshipers that the mosque was safe and they could come.
Mayor Andre Seig said that immediately after the incident, he met the imam of the mosque in the hospital.
He said that Imam is undergoing treatment at St. Joseph University Medical Center and his condition is out of danger.

According to the mayor, the suspected attacker has been detained, but the motive of the attack is not clear.
Mayor Andre Seig praised the worshipers and said that they managed to control the attacker in time.

“This is a holy month for Muslims. And we want to make sure that protecting those who come to pray is our priority.” And we have taken this situation seriously.

He further said that we want to say that whoever comes to pray can pray peacefully without any fear.

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