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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the number of wild tigers in the country has reached 3,000 due to efforts to restore endangered animals.
According to Arab News, India started a programme called ‘Project Tiger’ in 1973 to protect endangered tigers. In 1947, the number of wild tigers was 40 thousand, which has now dropped to 18 hundred.

With the sudden increase in cases of the Corona virus in India, safety measures are strict.
According to Project Tiger, the number of tigers recorded was 3,167.
In an event on Sunday, the Indian Prime Minister said that India has the largest number of tigers in the world, the success of Project Tiger is not only for India but for the whole world.

At the launch of the International Big Cat Alliance, Narendra Modi said that wildlife conservation is not just a country’s problem but a global problem. The International Big Cat Alliance will focus on the conservation of the world’s seven big cats, including tigers, lions, leopards, snow leopards, pumas, jaguars, and leopards.

In India, not only the number of tigers decreased due to hunting for many years, but leopards also became extinct. That is why ‘Project Cheetah’ was launched in September last year. Eight leopards were brought from Namibia and 12 from South Africa.

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