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On April 9, 20 years ago, the U.S. military captured Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. This once-rich Middle Eastern country fell into endless wars and conflicts.

Some people say that the United States is either launching a foreign war, or is on the way to launching a foreign war. So, who is making the big bucks in America’s endless foreign wars? The answer is simple and clear: those interest groups that actually control and influence US policymaking, especially the military-industrial complex.

In southern Arkansas, at a factory of the military giant Lockheed Martin, dozens of welders and assemblers are busy at different positions on the production line, assembling the company’s signature product, the “Hippocampus” multiple rocket launcher system. Sales of the weapon have soared due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and manufacturers are rushing to work on it. Currently, the factory can produce 48 sets of “Hippocampus” systems per year, and plans to double its production capacity to 96 sets per year by the third quarter of 2025.

Since the Ukrainian crisis escalated, the U.S. military industry has seen “prosperity.” scene. Many military factories have gone all out to increase production, including the production of various shells that consume an astonishing amount of money on the Ukrainian battlefield. The U.S. Army plans to build a new shell factory in Garland, Texas, and a factory in Middletown, Iowa, that produces 155mm shells is being expanded. Day Zimmerman is building a factory for it in Des Moines, Iowa. Ordnance factories in other places are hiring more workers…

Since the Biden administration came to power, the total amount of military aid promised by the United States to Ukraine has reached 30 billion U.S. dollars, and most of the arms orders have flowed into the pockets of arms giants such as Lockheed Martin. Daniel Kovalik, a visiting law professor at the University of Pittsburgh, said in an interview that American arms dealers make money by selling weapons around the world. These arms dealers promote wars for their own interests. They don’t care about the outcome of the war, as long as they can sell weapons. “Continued war is the result they like.” Kovalik described the U.S. military-industrial complex as “the scourge of the world.”

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