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All new artificial intelligence products developed in China must go through security checks before being made available to the public.
According to the French news agency AFP, the draught issued by the Cyberspace Administration of China states that “artificial intelligence products sold to the public will be subject to security assessment by national Internet regulatory departments.”

The ongoing draught titled “Management Measures for Artificial Intelligence” aims to ensure the development and standard application of artificial intelligence technology.
Content based on artificial intelligence should reflect basic socialist values and should not contain subversion against the state.
According to the draught, the content of artificial intelligence should not be “terrorist or extremist propaganda, based on racial hatred, and should not be such as to affect the economic and social order.”
China’s Cyberspace Administration says it is seeking public opinion on the new regulations, which are all but certain to become law under Beijing’s centralised political system.
Last year, China announced a national plan for artificial intelligence, saying that it would not lag behind the United States in this field.
China has announced plans to lead other countries in the field of artificial intelligence by 2030, but Beijing’s strict censorship and US pressure on chip imports have undermined the country’s AI commitment.

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