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A two-year-old dog living in America has taken the world record for being the smallest dog in the world.
Born on September 1, 2020, this Chihuahua named “Pearl” is 9.14 cm tall and 12.7 cm long.
The dog is smaller than an ice lolly named Popsicle. Thinner than a TV remote, and about as tall as a dollar bill.

Guinness World Records confirmed Pearl’s world record on the social networking site Twitter on Monday.
World Records wrote in its tweet that “Say hello to Pearl, the smallest dog in the world.”

Guinness World Record

According to World Records, Pearl is the twin sister of a dog name Miracle Millie. Who previously held the title of the world’s smallest dog.
Miracle Millie was a miniature Chihuahua born in 2011, weighing one pound and standing 3.8 inches tall. Miracle Millie died in 2020.

Pearl was recently introduce on an Italian TV show by her owner, Vanessa Semler. They were brought by Miss Semler in a set made of Easter eggs, which Pearl was very pleased with.

The dog’s owner noted at the time that Pearl, as a Chihuahua, was gentle and not at all intimidated by the crowd sitting in front of the stage.
He told the show’s host, Gary Scotti, that Pearl is kind of a ‘diva’.
He also said that ‘it eats good quality food like chicken and salmon. And it likes to wear nice clothes very much.’

Pearl’s height has been measure three times at Crystal Creek Animal Hospital in Orlando.
Miss Selmer, speaking about the Guinness Record, said: “We are delighte to have Pearl with us and to have broken our own record and to share this wonderful news with the world.”

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