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Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emin Zhaparova has urged India to consider Kiev’s participation in the G20 summit.
According to NDTV, Deputy Foreign Minister Emin Zhaparova emphasised the close ties between Kiev and New Delhi and called India ‘Vishwa Guru.”
He said that Ukraine really wants to have close relations with India. We have passed through different periods of history, but now Ukraine is gaining independence.

Speaking at a think tank event in New Delhi, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said that now is the time to restart relations and that the two countries have better and deeper ties.
This is the first visit of any Ukrainian official to India since the invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

Deputy Foreign Minister Emin Zhaparova also said that India could shed light on the Ukraine crisis by inviting Kiev officials to the G20 summit.
He said that President Vladimir Zelensky should be invited to the G20 meeting, which would be a source of happiness. India is hosting the G20 summit in September.

Our expectations are very clear. We believe that it is impossible to discuss the economic situation in the world without discussing the economic situation, the future economy, and the impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

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