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According to US media reports, recently, a number of suspected US military secret documents have appeared on many social media sites. These documents show that the U.S. government is not only deeply involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but also continues to closely monitor Ukraine and other countries, including South Korea, Israel, and other allies.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said on the 10th that the possibility of the United States monitoring Ukrainian President Zelensky cannot be ruled out because Washington has long been monitoring the leaders of other countries, and the leaders of European countries are the first to bear the brunt.

In fact, the United States, as the largest “Matrix” in the world, has invested a lot of money and human resources in network eavesdropping and monitoring, and the scope is naturally very wide. The US government has been running amok in the name of “national interests” for a long time. Pervasive monitoring and network monitoring

In 2013, the confidential documents released by Snowden, a former contractor of the US National Security Agency, showed that the US National Security Agency monitored the phones of 35 foreign leaders, tracked and stole mobile phone activity information around the world through technical means, and collected daily records up to 5 billion.

Among them was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose wiretapping dates back to 2002. This incident caused strong dissatisfaction in Germany, and Merkel also had a phone call with then-US President Barack Obama.

Photo by chinese Media
Photo by chinese Media

Then German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Since we talked about the US National Security Agency, I have repeatedly made it clear to the US government that monitoring allies is unacceptable.

After Merkel was exposed by the U.S. surveillance incident, the U.S. did not stop eavesdropping on European dignitaries and related people. In 2015, the “WikiLeaks” website released news that the US National Security Agency had successively monitored three French presidents: Chirac, Sarkozy, and Hollande.

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