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In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, the police have arrested four members of a right-wing group who framed Muslim youths for falsely accusing them of cow slaughter.
According to the Hindustan Times, on March 30, four Muslim youths were accused of having slaughtered a cow.

Four members of the right-wing religious party Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) filed a fake petition against Muslim youth, who have been arrested.
According to police sources, the ABHM along with the opponents of the Muslim youth made a false allegation to take revenge on them.
One of the arrested accused is Sanjay Jat, who claims to be the spokesperson of a right-wing organisation.
Earlier, Sanjay Jat was in the news due to his controversial and hateful statements, and these accused have been booked under Section 120B of the Indian Penal Code.
Additional Commissioner of Police RK Singh said, “Four members of the ABHM, including Jitendra Kushwaha, Sanjay Jat, Brajesh Bhadoria, and Saurabh Sharma, have been arrested for plotting the sensitive festival of Ram Navami.” .’

He further said that “apart from these four members of ABHM, the police have also arrested three people from among the opponents of the innocent youth who were at the forefront of this conspiracy.”
It may be recalled that on March 30, ABHM official Jitendra Kushwaha filed a complaint in the Agra police station that four Muslim youths had slaughtered a cow on the day of the Ram Navami festival.

CCTV footage revealed that the youth accused of slaughtering the cow were not there.
CCTV footage revealed that the youth accused of slaughtering the cow were not there.

He had also written in the petition that he had reached the spot along with the rest of the ABHM members, but by then the “accused” had fled.
However, the CCTV footage revealed that the youth accused of slaughtering the cow were not present at the spot on that day, and a complaint was filed against them.
This conspiracy was hatched against him by Shanu alias Ili, Imran Qureshi, four members of the ABHM, and three others.

What is worth noting here is that Shanu and Imran Qureshi have had criminal records in the past as well. Six cases have been registered against them.
Earlier, Nakeem, a victim of a false conspiracy, filed a complaint against Imran and Shanu.
Both of them were arrested at Nikim’s request. Due to this, the accused created a false narrative to take revenge and implicated them in a fake case.

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Alleged cow smuggling and slaughter, 120 arrested in Uttar Pradesh, India

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