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The Indian government has asked the United Kingdom to increase surveillance of supporters of the Khalistan Movement living in its country.

The demand came two weeks ago after a group of Sikhs breached security at the Indian High Commission in London, when the group removed the Indian national flag from the Indian High Commission and hoisted the flag of Khalistan.

The incident has escalated the tension between the two countries to such an extent that the Indian government has removed security from outside the British High Commission in New Delhi. The Indian government had also protested to British diplomats and suspended important trade talks.

In the statement of the Indian government, it has been said that in the meeting between the senior officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Kingdom and India in New Delhi, the Indian side, in particular, supported and encouraged terrorist activities in India by Khalistani elements in the United Kingdom. expressed concern over the misuse of asylum status and requested better cooperation with the United Kingdom.

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