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[Global Times Comprehensive Report] “Being an ally does not mean becoming a vassal… It does not mean that we do not have the right to think independently.”
Following an interview with the media recently emphasising that Europe must strengthen its strategic autonomy, the French President, who is visiting the Netherlands, Macron, reiterated the above position on the 12th and said that France’s policy of supporting one China has not changed.

On the same day, Macron also published a long article on his Twitter account talking about the topic of “European economic sovereignty”, saying “We are building (Europe) a country that defends its own interests and values, can control its own destiny, create jobs, and succeed in a climate transition Europe”. Recently, after the end of his visit to China, Macron has stated several times on different occasions that he hopes that Europe can become independent.

His speech caused shock throughout Europe and the United States. While receiving the support of European officials such as European Council President Michel, Macron was criticised by some American politicians. There are also some controversies about her remarks within the EU.

Since German Foreign Minister Berberke started to visit China on the 13th, some European officials and the media even hoped that she could “clarify” Europe’s position. A Chinese expert interviewed by a reporter from the Global Times on the 13th believed that under Washington’s alliance strategy, the pro-American forces in Europe are increasing, especially after the Ukraine crisis. Criticising Russia has become politically correct in Europe, and its byproduct is to slander China.

Therefore, as analysed by some French media, although Macron’s statement represents the interests of Europe, the realisation of Europe’s strategic autonomy still faces a difficult test.

According to a French 24-hour news TV report on the 12th, Macron said at a joint press conference with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Amsterdam that day that “European strategic autonomy is not just a concept, but is becoming a reality.” In his recent remarks, he said, “Being an ally does not mean becoming a vassal. Just because we are allies does not mean that we do not have the right to think for ourselves.”

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