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The United States Court of Appeals has refused to grant any relief in the case of former President Donald Trump on rape charges and has sent the case back to the New York court.

A Washington, D.C., appeals court has refused to grant relief to Donald Trump in two lawsuits filed by author Jane Carell, saying there was insufficient evidence to grant immunity to the former president, according to Reuters.

Author Jane Carell alleged in 2019 that Donald Trump had raped her nearly thirty years ago, but the former president denied the allegations, saying she was not his “type.”

Jane Carell has described the entire rap phenomenon in detail in her book. She said she met Donald Trump in a Manhattan store when the former president asked for help buying a gift for a woman, later sexually assaulting her in a dressing room.

The Washington Court of Appeals sent the case back to the Manhattan Circuit Court of Appeals, which sought guidance from the Washington court last September.

At the start of the trial in the case, Janet Carell is likely to present as witnesses two women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Trump.

Also on Thursday, Donald Trump appeared before New York Attorney General Letitia James to testify in his defence in the fraud trial.

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During the seven-hour court proceedings, Donald Trump gave answers about the counterfeiting in his business.

Attorney General Letitia James filed a fraud case against Donald Trump and his three children in a New York court in September last year.

Letitia James accused Donald Trump and his children of misrepresenting the value of real estate properties to obtain loans and tax benefits.
In response to these allegations, Donald Trump also filed a lawsuit against Letitia James.

In March, Donald Trump asked the court to extend the deadline for the case by six months, saying he would have the opportunity to review millions of pages of documents.

The former president has been charged with 34 counts of falsifying records of business transactions.

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