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US secret documents have revealed with reference to China that Beijing would have air superiority in the case of an attack on Taiwan.
According to the AFP news agency, leaked sensitive documents reveal that Taiwan’s military leadership has doubts about the capability of its air defence system, while only half the number of warplanes can effectively fight the enemy. can.
According to the report, Taiwan fears that it could take up to a week to get the planes to safety, during which time they could be vulnerable to Chinese missile attacks.

The US Defence Department has previously criticised Taiwan for releasing details of the Pentagon’s missile exercises, saying the military and leadership may not be prepared for “real-world events.”
China’s People’s Liberation Army is 14 times larger than Taiwan’s army.

Last week, Taiwan held large-scale emergency response drills that simulated missile and chemical weapons attacks, among other scenarios.
The drills come days after China held its latest military exercises.
Even after the end of the drills, Chinese warplanes and warships are still stationed around Taiwan.

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China announced the military drills after a meeting between Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in Los Angeles.
The drills were condemned by Taipei, while Washington called for restraint, saying it was “closely monitoring Beijing’s actions.”

Beijing said fighter jets carrying live ammunition had carried out “mock strikes” near Taiwan and that its Shandong aircraft carrier was also involved in the drills.
China claims a large area of territory that is linked to the special economic zones of various countries, including the Philippines. Trillions of dollars worth of trade is done through this maritime area every year.

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