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On April 16, the United Nations stated that three World Food Programme (WFP) staff members were attacked and killed while performing their duties in Sudan.

Volkel Pertes, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sudan and Head of the UN Integrated Assistance Mission in Sudan, issued a statement strongly condemning the attacks on UN staff and humanitarian assets in Darfur. The family members expressed their deepest condolences.

It is reported that three employees of the World Food Programme were killed in the clashes that broke out in Kabkabiya in Sudan’s Northern Darfur state on April 15 while performing their duties.

In addition to the casualties, there were reports of shelling and looting of UN and other humanitarian facilities in several places in Darfur, the UN said. Peltez was appalled by this and said the violence disrupted humanitarian aid and must end.

In his statement, Pertes urged all parties to abide by their international obligations, including ensuring the safety and security of the United Nations and all humanitarian personnel. Pelters stressed that civilians and humanitarian aid workers “were not targets.”

In addition, WFP Director-General Cindy McCain also issued a special statement, expressing shock and grief over the attack and deaths of three WFP staff members while performing their duties. She said that under the current security situation, the organisation was forced to suspend all aid operations in Sudan. In his statement, McCain called on all parties to ensure the safety of humanitarian workers and continue to provide assistance to the Sudanese people.

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