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Sri Lanka, suffering from severe financial problems, has decided to sell 1 lakh monkeys to China.

According to international media reports, Sri Lanka, which is suffering from severe financial difficulties, will now sell 100,000 “tuk macaque” monkeys to China, but animal protection organisations have expressed their concerns over this decision.

This decision was officially announced by the Sri Lankan Minister of Agriculture, Mahendra Amaraweera, who said that these animals are common in Sri Lanka, but according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), this species of monkey is threatened in the rest of the world. are followed.

He has said that these monkeys will be sold to 1,000 zoos in China, and a committee has also been formed in this regard.

Sri Lanka’s position on this matter is that the increasing population of monkeys is not only damaging crops but also attacking humans.

It is for this reason that the Sri Lankan government has delisted several animals, including three species of monkeys, peacocks, and wild pigs.

On the other hand, animal protection organisations in Sri Lanka have criticised the government’s decision, saying that there has been no survey of monkeys for the past 40 years and no one even knows the actual number of these monkeys. It is important to determine their number.

Animal protection organisations fear that after buying these monkeys from Sri Lanka, they may be used for meat, medical research, and other purposes, which is not true.

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A feast for monkeys in Thailand

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