Chinese Economy

A report of the countries with the highest gross national product on earth has been prepared by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in which it has been revealed that the GDP growth of the 10 countries with the largest economies in 1992–2008 What will happen in 2024?

According to this report, China, whose GDP was the tenth largest economy in the world in 1992, will surpass the United States and Japan in 2024. The sixth will be Russia, and the seventh will be Germany.

In 2024, the GDP growth of the United States will be second after that of China, and in 2008, Japan’s economy, which was second after the United States, will reach the fourth place after not only the United States but also China, America, and India.
The fifth number will be Indonesia’s GDP growth in 2024. The growth of the Russian economy, which was ninth in 1992 and 2008, will fall to sixth in 2024.

In this way, Russia’s economy will surpass those of Britain, Spain, Canada, France, Italy, and Brazil. Even in 2024, when China’s GDP growth is reaching the first place, America’s GDP growth is reaching the second place, followed by India’s GDP growth, which was not even counted among the first ten national economies in 1992 and 2008. In 2024, India’s GDP growth chain will come in third after the United States, according to the assessments of the World Bank and the IMF.

The economies of Japan will be number four, Indonesia will be number five, Russia will be number six, the economy of Germany will be number seven, Brazil will be number eight, the economy of Great Britain will be number nine, and the economy of France will be number ten.

In 1992, the American economy was ranked first, the Japanese economy was second, the German economy was third, the French economy was fourth, the Italian economy was fifth, the British economy was sixth, the Spanish economy was seventh, the Canadian economy was eighth, the Russian economy was ninth, and Chinas economy was ranked tenth.

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