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G-7 foreign ministers have called for an “immediate withdrawal” of the ban on women working for NGOs and the United Nations in Afghanistan.

According to the French news agency AFP, in a statement issued on Tuesday after two days of talks in Japan, G-Seon condemned the Taliban authorities’ “systematic violations of the human rights of women and girls and against minorities on religious and ethnic grounds.” Condemned ‘discrimination’.

The group strongly criticised the Taliban authorities for “systematic violations of the human rights of women and girls.”
The international movement has been in shock since the Taliban extended a ban on Afghan women working for UN-affiliated NGOs.

The Taliban rejected the criticism of this initiative and said that “this is an internal issue that should be respected by all parties.”
The United Nations has warned that the Taliban’s ban on female aid workers could be a “huge blow” to vital humanitarian aid projects.

Martin Griffiths, the head of the United Nations humanitarian department, said that “if the Taliban do not create immunity in their order, it will be disastrous.”
Martin Griffiths also said that a decree was issued by the Taliban on December 24, after which women were barred from working in aid groups. Women were given an exemption in the health department and were allowed to get school education up to primary.

When the Taliban came to power in August 2021, they promised to adopt soft policies this time compared to their previous regime, but over time they implemented strict policies.
Despite the promise, the Taliban have excluded women from almost all walks of life and recently closed secondary and higher education to girls.

The Taliban have also banned women from public-sector jobs and their access to parks.

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Take back policies against women, UN urges Taliban
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The decision to ban women from university education is right, Taliban

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