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Cybercrime prevention agencies in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, have tracked down a group of fraudsters using mobile phone SIMs.
The group sends mobile phone SIMs purchased in India to other countries, which are later used for financial fraud.

According to The Times of India, the group used SIM cards to target people in India earlier, and with the help of these SIMs, money was stolen (phishing) from people’s bank accounts.
ACP Cybercrime Director Hardik Makadia says, “It is a very organised group, which ensures that they can never be traced. We caught him a few days ago, when we arrested a suspect involved in cyber fraud.

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“Investigation has revealed that the accused were buying a large number of SIM cards using the identity documents of their acquaintances or fake ID cards.”
According to him, these SIM cards are taken by the gang members to Dubai, where they are sold for 2000 to 2500 Indian rupees.

“A middleman in Dubai buys these SIM cards and delivers them to the fraudsters,” says ACP Makadia. We have also found that a Chinese gang buys these SIM cards to commit online fraud.
Many of these SIMs go to Chinese gangs in Dubai, who create different accounts on Telegram and then message people.

People are lured by differents schemes and promises of cash profits in return.
According to the police, SIMs bought from India are also used to open bank accounts with the help of which money is transfwe from people’s bank accounts.’
“If we trace these frauds, the investigation ends get finish because the account was created on fake papers and the SIM can belong to any employee.”
Cybercrime experts have recently nabbed a person who delivered 50 SIM cards to a Pakistani woman living in Dubai.
That woman sold the SIMs to a Chinese gang, which opened Telegram accounts with those SIMs.
“If we try to trace the main gangs, it is very difficult to go to their CP location, and the matter will go to Interpol.

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