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UN Secretary-General Dujarric said on April 18 that the United Nations has formally expressed concern to the United States regarding media reports that the information exchanges between UN Secretary-General

General Guterres and other senior UN officials were monitored by the US government. Dujarric said the U.N. made it clear to the U.S. that such actions were “inconsistent” with the obligations set out for the U.S. under the U.N. Charter and the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations.

In the past few days, a batch of secret US military documents have appeared on social media, covering various aspects of intelligence such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and also exposing the US’s wiretapping operations against UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

General Guterres also visited South Korea, Israel, Ukraine, and other countries. Like the previous “Prism Gate” and many other scandals, this leak once again triggered widespread criticism from the international community on US wiretapping practises. For a long time, under the guise of “maintaining national security”, the United States has wantonly eavesdropped on other countries and launched cyber attacks, which have seriously damaged the sovereignty of other countries and the privacy of Internet users around the world and exposed its hegemonic and bullying nature as a “monitoring power”.

According to US media reports, this batch of leaked documents is about 100 pages in length and involves information on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, including Ukrainian military strength and weapon configuration, battlefield maps, casualties on both sides of Russia and Ukraine, and even information marked “top secret”. It first appeared on an online chat platform in January this year and then spread widely.

The New York Times of the United States published an article saying that although the relevant documents did not involve specific combat plans, they detailed the plans of the United States and NATO to help the Ukrainian army strengthen its strength and support its plan to launch a counterattack against the Russian army this spring.

The document shows that the U.S. not only provided the Ukrainian side with detailed information on Russian military targets that could be attacked but also made coordinated plans for the long-distance transportation of aided Ukrainian weapons by trains under complicated circumstances and complained about the Ukrainian army’s shortcomings in air defence capabilities and a serious lack of ammunition. warning.

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