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A cargo container containing gold and other valuables has been stolen from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in Canada.
According to the Associated Press, officials say that the container contained goods worth 20 million Canadian dollars.

Peel Regional Police Inspector Stephen Duvestein said during a press conference that a container containing gold and other valuables had arrived on Monday evening and was unloaded from the ship and safely stored at the cargo holding facility.

He said that the cargo was unloaded from the aircraft as per routine and taken to the holding area. Apart from gold, the container also contained other valuables.
The police inspector said that the ‘valuable container’ had been illegally removed from the holding facility but declined to give further details.

The missing container was immediately reported to the police.
Three days have passed since the incident of container theft, and no arrests have been made yet.
Inspector Stephen Duvestein said that all angles are being looked into as to how the items were stolen.

He said that it would be premature to say anything about the involvement of a professional thief in all this.

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