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Last week, the missing Indian mountaineer was discovered from the world’s tenth largest peak in Nepal, but his condition is critical.

According to NDTV, on April 17, the 34 -year -old Indian mountaineer, Anurag Malo, returned from the peak of Anapurna at a height of six thousand meters.
His brother Sadhir said that “Anurag Malo was discovered alive, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition but he was alive.”

Mount Anapurna is eight thousand 91 meters high and the tenth largest peak in the world and is counted among the most difficult peaks like the Tu and Nanga Parbat.

Rescue staff met Anurag Malo from a ditch.
According to Mangma Sharpa, chairman of the Seam Summit Tracks, ‘Six Sharappa Climbbers, led by Chang Dawa, participated in the rescue operation. On Thursday morning, Anurag Malo met them from a ditch. ‘

“His condition is very critical,” said Goragin, general manager of the seam summit tracks. Doctors are being treated. ‘
Anurag Malo was on a mission to head all 14 peaks and seven high -ranking peaks of seven continents.
The purpose of his mission was to raise awareness about the UN’s global goals.

He was honoured with the Rex Karma Veer Chakra and is also the Ambassador of Antares Youth 2041 from India.
Another Indian mountaineer, Beljit Kaur, has also been rescued from Mount Anapurna.
According to officials, the 27-year-old mountaineer disappeared near the camp. He was rescued at a height of 7,363 metres and suffered from frostbite due to the severe cold.

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