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Austrian Airlines passenger plane had to turn back two hours after a flight from Vienna to New York due to faulty washrooms.
According to the French news agency AFP, the crew of the flight departing from Vienna to New York learned two hours later that five of the eight washrooms on the plane were damaged.

The Boeing 777 flight, which departed on Monday, had about 300 passengers on board and lasted for eight hours.
An airline spokeswoman told AFP on Tuesday that “the flight crew became aware of a technical problem during the flight.”
“Due to some technical mistakes, the flush system of the washrooms was not working well, so it was decided to divert the flight back to Vienna.”

The spokesman said that ‘according to his information, this type of problem has never come up on an Austrian Airlines flight before.’
The spokesperson of the airline further said that the plane’s technical fault has been rectified and its flights have resumed.
It should be noted that after a technical problem on this Austrian Airlines flight, the passengers were transferred to their destination by other flights from Vienna.

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