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In India, the Punjab police claimed that Amrit Pal Singh, a supporter of an independent state of “Khalistan” for Sikhs and head of “Wars Punjab De,” has been arrested.
A tweet from the police on Sunday morning said that Amrit Pal Singh had been arrested in Moga, Punjab.
Punjab Police further said that citizens are requested to maintain peace and harmony. Don’t share any fake news; verify it first.

It should be noted that law enforcers in India have been trying to arrest Amrit Pal Singh since March 18. Amrit Pal Singh’s name came into the news for the first time when men armed with swords, knives, and guns attacked a police station with the aim of freeing an associate of the Sikh leader who was arrested by the police.
According to the Hindustan Times, Inspector General of Police Sukh Chin Changgil said in a press conference on Sunday that the police had put so much pressure on Amrit Pal Singh that they had no other option but to arrest him.
According to a senior police officer, Amrit Pal Singh surrendered to the police at 6:45 a.m. on Sunday at Rode, a village near Moga city.

Sukh Chin Sughgil K further said that the police had confirmed information that Amrit Pal was present in Rode. When they had no choice, they arrested him.
He also confirmed that Amrit Pal Singh was present in a gurdwara, but the police respected the place of worship and did not enter.
After his arrest, Amrit Pal Singh has been sent to Assam’s Dibrugarh Jail.

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