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US President Joe Biden has thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, and Ethiopia for the safe withdrawal of Americans from Sudan.
“I am grateful to Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, and Ethiopia, who played an important role in the success of our difficult operation.”
In a statement on Saturday, President Joe Biden called for a ceasefire in Sudan, humanitarian access to blackouts, and respect for the opinions of the Sudanese people.

The fierce fighting between the army and paramilitaries in Sudan has entered its second week, and more than 150 people from different countries were safely evacuated from the war zone on Saturday.

According to Saudi Arabia’s official Al-Akhbariya TV, “The first evacuation ship from Sudan has arrived, with 50 citizens of Saudi Arabia and many citizens of friendly countries on board.”
The first ship arrived at the Red Sea port of Jeddah, while four other ships are expected to arrive from Sudan, carrying 108 citizens from 11 countries.

Al-Akhbariya has shown footage of large ships arriving at the port of Jeddah. In a video on the channel, women and children on board the ship are shown holding the Saudi flag.
“The country has taken steps to provide for all the basic needs of foreign nationals in preparation for their departure to their respective countries,” the Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Ali bin Hassan Jafar, the Saudi ambassador posted in Khartoum, said that the operation to evacuate the citizens of 12 brotherly and friendly countries, including the Saudis, from Sudan has been completed.
Talking to Al-Ikhbariya channel, Jafar said that despite all the unrest, the Saudis, Gulf, and friendly countries managed to evacuate the citizens of Sudan safely. The evacuation operation of 158 people was completed.

According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the Saudi Foreign Office says that the evacuation operation has been completed following the instructions of the top leadership. All our citizens have reached Jeddah from Sudan.
Among the citizens to be expelled from Sudan are also residents of brotherly and friendly countries. Diplomats and international officials have also been evacuated under the evacuation operation. The Saudi Navy and Air Force also played a role in this regard.

The Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister welcomed the Saudi and foreign citizens coming from Sudan
The Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister welcomed the Saudi and foreign citizens coming from Sudan

Citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria, the Philippines, Canada, and Burkina Faso have been evacuated from Sudan.
Saudi Arabia has provided all basic facilities to foreign nationals, and they are accommodated in hotels in Jeddah.

The Commander of the Saudi Navy, Major General Yahya Al-Asiri, said that the evacuation of all Saudis and citizens of brotherly and friendly countries from Sudan has been completed.

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