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On the 24th, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement stating that it imposed sanctions on some European Union and British institutions and individuals.

The statement stated that in view of the EU and the UK’s support for terrorism and terrorist organisations, terrorism and violence against the Iranian people, interference in Iran’s internal affairs, and dissemination of false information against Iran, in accordance with Iran’s policies and relevant rules, more than a dozen EU and British individuals, as well as several institutions, impose sanctions.

The statement stated that Iran condemns the destructive actions of the above-mentioned EU and UK sanctioned personnel and institutions, which violate international obligations and basic principles of international law such as the UN Charter.

On the 24th, Sweden, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, announced through its social media account that the Council of the European Union has passed a resolution to impose the seventh round of sanctions on Iranian individuals and entities.

According to the announcement issued by the European Council later that day, the targets of this round of sanctions include eight Iranian individuals and one Iranian entity, involving members of the Iranian Parliament, members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Iranian mobile service providers.

Currently, EU sanctions against Iran involve 211 individuals and 35 entities. Sanctions include freezing assets in EU countries, suspending EU visas, and prohibiting providing funds or economic resources to people on the list.

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