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A lot is changing with the changing times, and things that seemed inevitable in the recent past now seem superfluous. While scientific progress is opening many new doors, it is also closing some doors, especially in the field of jobs. But the question is very important: which jobs will become irrelevant in the coming years?

A report by an international magazine tries to find an answer to the same question and states that there is a clear possibility that many jobs will disappear in the next 10 years and that the people belonging to them should prepare and find replacements now. It has also been advised to do so.
The World Economic Forum has conducted a special study in this regard, which examines what the needs of employers will be in the future and what steps they can take if the latest technology is at hand.

It says that in the next few years, 85 million workers will be replaced by machines and will have to move to other jobs.
The report identifies a few jobs that will disappear sooner or later.

Warehouse workers

Most of the work in the warehouse is done manually by the employees. For this, loaders, etc. are used, but more role is played by human labour. With reference to the coming time, it has been told that such a method is being adopted for warehouses and that after that, the scope of human labour will be very limited. And most of the work will be done through technology.

Therefore, experts believe that people working in warehouses may face problems in terms of employment in the coming days. So they should specialise in something else.

Accountant and Auditing

Both of these are important jobs as they play an important role in any firm or company, but with the advent of modern programming and files, their future is also under threat, and in the coming days most of the work will be done by the system itself. The possibility of these jobs disappearing has also been shown.

Postal Service

Since the postal service is also considered a job that involves a lot of manual work, this is also shrinking due to automation technology. Experts believe that in the next few years most of the work will be transferred to technology and the employees hired for the postal service will become irrelevant, so this is also a field of employment that is destined to disappear.

Door-to-door sales

Although this practice has long been profitable for companies around the world, it is now becoming obsolete and the statistics are pointing to a huge decline in these jobs. which will disappear in a few years.

Truck driver

It is not yet clear how long it will take for self-driving cars to hit the roads, but experts believe that driving is one of the things that will be automated in the near future. There will be unemployed people who supply goods through trucks.


Well, telemarketing has been very profitable for companies for years, but a recent study has revealed that due to increasing computerization, the scope of telemarketing will decrease and eventually disappear. There is also a possibility.

Travel agents

In the era of websites, apps, and other technology platforms we are living in, the steps of getting information, booking, etc. before going on a trip are done in a few clicks, so the job of expert travel agents is also done in this way. Adding to the list will not hold up in the modern era.

Legal Secretariat

A study has also revealed that a large portion of legal jobs are likely to be automated over the next two decades, so related jobs may also disappear.

Banking sector

With the pace of automation, it seems that the frontline workers of the banking sector are also going to be affected as most of the work will be transferred to it, after which the banking sector may reduce its employees.

Sports referees

According to the research conducted by the University of Oxford, in the next few years, the refereeing services in various sports competitions will be performed by gadgets equipped with modern technology instead of people, so this job does not seem to be sustainable in the future. Stayed.

What jobs will increase in demand in the future?

The above line must have worried the employees who belong to the mentioned fields, but the good news is that technology will not only eliminate jobs but also create some new job opportunities, as detailed below. Being given below.

Regarding the jobs of the near future, experts say that they will require getting more and more familiar with technology, for which one needs to develop and prepare one’s skills now.

A study has also been done regarding the fact that some jobs will come up after the end. Who will they be, and what fields will they belong to?
Most of the new jobs projected to emerge by 2030 are in advanced industries. These will include healthcare, food items, the arts, and the entertainment sectors.

Experts also believe that since the world is currently facing the challenge of pollution, in the coming days there will be plans that will be helpful in dealing with this challenge, including measures to avoid pollution. New jobs will be created.

Technology industry

The largest number of jobs will be created in the field of technology, and because of this, programmes will continue to be introduced to replace manual tasks that require skilled workers. Therefore, people with knowledge of technology will have more opportunities.

These include jobs such as computer programming, information security specialists, support professionals, software developers, network and computer systems administrators, etc.

Restaurants and Food Services

The world’s population is increasing rapidly, which also increases the demand for services related to food and beverages. In the coming days, the field of fast food, coffee shops, take-away services, catering and other related activities will expand, which will increase the employment opportunities in them.

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