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Geneva, April 28th The 5-day 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions recently opened in Geneva, Switzerland. Exhibitors from 40 countries exhibited more than 1,000 invention projects, and the innovative invention projects from China attracted much attention.

This is the first time the exhibition has resumed offline exhibitions since the outbreak of the new crown (cronavirus) epidemic in 2020. The Chinese team brought 165 invention projects, 154 booths, and an exhibition area of about 600 square metres. According to the Chinese organiser, China Invention Association, China’s exhibitor projects involve artificial intelligence, environmental governance, machinery, and other fields.

“Bionic aerial dexterous manipulative robot” by Beihang University, “Intelligent detection equipment and technology for damage to the anti-seepage system of a solid waste landfill site” by Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, “Personal road condition auxiliary reminder device” by Macao Peizheng Middle School,” and other projects have received attention.

On April 26, in Geneva, Switzerland, an inventor from China demonstrated an electric drive system at the 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

Lin Kongqiu, manager of the Knowledge Transfer Office of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, told reporters that this year, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has 19 invention projects participating in the exhibition, involving fields such as biotechnology, environmental protection, electronic engineering, and artificial intelligence.

Chinese exhibitors mainly come from universities, research institutes, innovative enterprises, and some primary and secondary schools. Feng Jiashu, a primary school student from Tianjin, is only 11 years old and is the youngest inventor at the exhibition. He introduced his invention, “Smart Bird’s Nest,” in fluent English, which attracted many visitors.

According to Feng Jiashu’s on-site introduction, his invention is a smart device that attracts birds to rest by simulating the sound of birdsong. It uses different sensors to collect data, check the weight of birds, and adjust the temperature and humidity of nests to improve the living environment of birds.

Foreign media Photo
Foreign media Photo

Founded in 1973, the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions is one of the longest-running and largest-scale invention exhibitions in the world. Wang Shiting, Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, told Xinhua News Agency reporters at the opening ceremony that China’s exhibitors have a strong team and the quantity and quality of exhibits are outstanding, reflecting the importance that Chinese universities, enterprises, and individuals attach to innovation and invention at different levels.

The intensive display of China’s outstanding innovation achievements at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions will help strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between China and the world in the fields of innovation and invention.

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