Iranian Foreign Minister Abdullahiyan

On April 27, local time, Iranian Foreign Minister Abdullahiyan called on all countries not to interfere in Lebanon’s internal affairs in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

At a joint press conference held after talks with Lebanese Foreign Minister Habib, Abdullahiyan said Iran supports any agreement reached by Lebanese political parties on the presidential election and called on all countries to support it on the premise of non-interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs. President election. He expressed his belief that the Lebanese government and various political parties can reach a consensus on the presidential election.

Abdullahiyan said that he and Habib had exchanges on the cooperation between Iraq and Lebanon during the talks. Iran will strengthen bilateral relations with Lebanon in various fields, including science, business, economy, and politics. The recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic relations was discussed, as was the regional situation.

Habib said that the agreement reached between Iran and Saudi Arabia is crucial to peace in the region and has a positive impact on the causes of Yemen, Lebanon, and Palestine. He hopes to see positive results from the agreement as soon as possible.

Abdullahyan arrived in Beirut on the 26th for a two-day visit to Lebanon. During his visit, he also held talks with Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati and Speaker Berry.

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