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Overseas Network, April 28 According to “USA Today” and Reuters reports on the 27th, Jack Teixeira, the suspect in the Pentagon leak case, attended the hearing on the same day. U.S. prosecutors accused him of destroying evidence during the investigation, possessing an arsenal of weapons, and having studied numerous mass shootings.

Prosecutors said in court documents filed that Teixeira kept a gun cabinet next to his bedroom bed that contained a pistol, a bolt-action rifle, a shotgun, and an AK-style high-capacity weapon. The FBI searched a dumpster outside his home and found a military helmet, a mounting bracket used to attach the camera to the helmet, and a military camera. In addition, the FBI found a gas mask, ammunition, and what appeared to be a “silencer-style accessory” in his desk drawer.

According to the prosecution, Teixeira also seemed to be concerned about mass killings and had solicited opinions online to modify vehicles for killings. Investigations by FBI agents revealed that Teixeira used government computer searches in July 2022 to study mass shootings in the United States in recent years, including the Las Vegas shooting, the Buffalo Hilltop shooting, and the Texas elementary school shooting.

Prosecutors said Teixeira was also at risk of fleeing the United States because, if convicted, he would face up to 25 years in prison and lose his military career. In addition, Teixeira may still be able to obtain a large number of classified documents “that are of great value to hostile countries that can provide him with safe haven and try to help him escape from the United States.”

The court documents submitted by Teixeira’s lawyer said that they opposed the continued detention of Teixeira and asked the judge to let him go home. Lawyers recommended that Teixeira post a $20,000 bond, wear a location-monitoring device, and be prohibited from using the Internet without parental supervision.

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The arrest of an accused who leaked sensitive documents to the Pentagon
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The leak of US military documents continues to ferment, triggering widespread criticism from the international community

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